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Vessel speed reduction when entering or leaving the port is the most direct and effective measure to control air pollution as it lowers fuel consumption and further reduces Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions. TIPC requires vessels traveling within 20 nautical miles of the port area to reduce their speed to below 12 knots. On average, a 14% reduction in main engine emissions can be achieved, and ships with more powerful engines can even reach up to 73% reduction. VSR calculation s are based upon the Automatic  Identification System (AIS) navigational equipment currently used by ships making international journeys. The AIS provides dynamic realtime data. TIPC commissioned the Harbor and Marine Technology Center, Institute of Transportation, MOTC, to establish a Vessel Speed Reduction Surveillance System (VSRSS) to ensure the capability of instantaneous feedback from vessels entering and leaving major ports in Taiwan. Seven Ports in Taiwan are now disclosing the VSRSS information on our website. Please refer to //www.twport.com.tw/GP/cp.aspx?n=085D3DF986B5FEEA
Last updated:2021-01-07
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