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 Photo of chairman, Taiwan International Ports Corporation
Chairman: WU, HONG-MO
E-mail: chairman@twport.com.tw
Education: Ph.D.Department of Marine Environment and Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University
Current Position : Chairman, Taiwan International Ports Corporation
Experience: Minister without Portfolio, Executive Yuan & concurrently Minister, Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan
Deputy Mayor, Kaohsiung City Government (KCG)
Advisor, KCG
Secretary-General, KCG
Director-General, Public Works Bureau (PWB), KCG
Deputy Director-General, PWB, KCG
Director, Sewage Systems Office, PWB, KCG
Deputy Director, Sewage Systems Office, PWB, KCG
Section Chief, Public Works Division, PWB, KCG   
Section Chief, Sewage Systems Office, PWB, KCG

Message from the Chairman

  • Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) was founded on March 1st, 2012, and operated as Taiwan’s state-owned enterprise with direct administrative and management responsibility for seven international commercial ports, including ports of Kaohsiung, Taichung, Keelung, Taipei, Hualien, Suao and Anping. These international commercial ports not only play an important role as the main gate of international trade and national economy, but also an important factor to local city development, not to mention, they are responsible to facilitate flows of people and goods. It’s axiomatic that TIPC is charged with important tasks and great responsibility.
  • While pursuing the continuous development of port core business to provide port related industries with a safe, friendly and highly efficient operational environment and further strengthen the port service quality and the status of Kaohsiung Port being the international container hub, TIPC is well-aware of the earnest expectations from all sectors, thus also aims to establish green ports to seek for the sustainable development by balancing economics growth with environment. TIPC is also committed to enhancing its capacity to provide maritime transport related industries with integrated services and to build a solid foundation for TIPC.
  • Cooperating with local city governments to obtain mutual prosperity is one of TIPC’s major tasks.  TIPC is continuously devoted to promoting waterfront business sections and new tourist attractions. In order to develop leisure and recreation at various ports, TIPC enhances the relationship with local residence to share the port’s waterfront resource while simultaneously seek to expand and diversify our business activities.
  • TIPC has established a good communication model and interactive relationship with employees, port related enterprises and local city governments, so the decision makers can well gather different voices and carry out our policies and strategies smoothly and effectively. TIPC will unceasingly strengthen the cooperation mechanism with private sectors to expand Taiwan’s market and to facilitate TIPC’s globalization. Furthermore, we will keep endeavoring to become a world-class port management group by advancing the following 5 dimensions: safety, efficiency, sustainability, integration and globalization.

    Last updated:2018-04-27
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