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Chairman Lee Hsien-Yi
E-mail chairman@twport.com.tw
Education Ph.D, in Graduate School of Engineering Scince and Technology, National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology
M.S., in Civil Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
B.S., in Civil Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
Experience Director of Water Resources Bureau, Tainan City Government
Deputy Secretary, Taichung City Government
Director of Water resources Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
Director of Department of Water Resources, Kaohsiung County Government
Director of Water resources Bureau, Kaohsiung County Government

Message From Chairman

    Taiwan is surrounded by sea with major geographical advantage in the west Pacific Ocean, and that is why maritime transportation has played an important role in blooming Taiwan’s economy for decades. Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as TIPC) was established in March, 2012 as a result of maritime authority reform to increase Taiwan ports’ competitiveness and operation flexibility. The previous international port authorities of Taiwan’s 4 international ports were merged and functionally divided into the Maritime and Port Bureau and TIPC, respectively in charge of public authority and ports operation and management. 
    TIPC is responsible to manage and operate seven international ports including Kaohsiung, Taichung, Keelung, Taipei, Hualien, Suao and Anping and is also commissioned by Maritime and Port Bureau to operate two domestic ports: Budai and Penghu. TIPC is given the mission to not only introduce enterprise management to optimize Taiwan ports development, but also seeking mutual prosperity for ports and the 
surrounding cities for they are actually closely related and mutually dependent.

    Taiwan ports, given the importance as international trades hubs, are facing numerous challenges, rapid change of international maritime market, intensive competition from neighboring ports, the emerging of deep-water ports in South-East Asian, the impacts of U.S-China trade war and the prevalence of regional economy…etc. In response to such challenges, TIPC aims to consolidate its core businesses, maintain the Ports’ status as a hub of maritime transportation, solicit main carriers’ cooperation to establish operation bases in Taiwan ports by continuously improving ports facilities, service efficiency and most of all, enhancing the overall environment for shipping and port industries.

    TIPC also aim to promoting diversified development. In terms of cruise and passenger business, TIPC cooperates with cruise companies and local governments to create a friendly environment for cruise operation and waterfront development in ways such as advancing passenger facility and optimizing custom and immigration efficiency.

    TIPC has followed the government policy of energy transition to develop offshore wind power industry cluster and LNG operation hub in port area. TIPC has also endeavored to transcend the existing business realm by developing wind power training business and investing overseas in South East Asia which has led TIPC one step forward to the global market.

    Our team will follow the people-oriented mindset on our service and value the needs of shipping and port related industries to make everything done with our best effort. We set “Teamwork”, “Transportation Safety”, and “Smart Transportation” as our primary objectives.

    In regard of Teamwork, we are committed to listen to voices from internal and external partners, attach importance to each employee’s development, optimize the operation of core-business and strengthen the corporation’s structure to provide a better service to our customers.

    To strengthen Transportation Safety, we strive to provide safe and quality port facilities with highest standard and create favorable shipping operation environment.

    With the advent of smart technology era, we will continue to introduce advanced technology to port operation and optimize operational efficiency as well as safety. We take environmental protection and Taiwan ports sustainability as our primary responsibility.

    Looking towards the future, we will continuously go well beyond what we have already achieved at a steady and pragmatic pace. We will collaborate with partners in the field for co-prosperity to create a new vision of Taiwan ports and open a new chapter for the industries.
Last updated:2021-03-31
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