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Port of Kaohsiung Urges Shippers to Confirm their Cargo / Container Handling Plans Early for the Chinese New Year Holiday
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    2017-01-25 ~ 2018-01-02
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The Port of Kaohsiung has announced its temporary vessel and cargo handling schedule for the 2017 Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday. This schedule is designed to provide essential port operations while ensuring port employees and stevedoring businesses enjoy this annual holiday break. The official 2017 CNY holiday schedule is noted below:

Stevedoring operations at bulk cargo wharves: Operations at Port of Kaohsiung bulk cargo wharves shall officially close at 17:00 on January 27th (Friday). These wharves shall remain closed for business through January 29th (Sunday). Limited stevedoring operations (based on shipping / cargo owner request) will be available on January 30th (Monday), and regular stevedoring operations will be restored on January 31st (Tuesday). All special requests for work at bulk cargo wharves during the holiday period (January 27th - 30th) must be submitted by the designated stevedoring services provider to the Port of Kaohsiung Stevedoring and Warehousing Section by the deadline of 15:00 on January 26th (Thursday) using the application form: Special Request to Perform Stevedoring Work During National Holidays at the Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC.

Stevedoring operations at container wharves: During the holiday period, container carriers shall manage their own shipping schedules, freight delivery logistics, and container wharf operations with the full assistance of the Port of Kaohsiung.

The Port of Kaohsiung encourages all shippers to consider the port’s restricted CNY holiday schedule in their plans. For its part, the port will work to handle all requests for stevedoring services effectively in order to ensure smooth cargo handling operations and a successful Chinese New Year holiday.


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