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Regular Calls by Three New Cruise Passenger Liners to Further Bolster Steady Cruise Ship Growth at the Port of Keelung
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    2015-02-03 ~ 2015-03-31
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In 2015, the Port of Keelung is set to welcome the maiden voyages of three new domestic cruise ships: the Minerva, Insignia, and Quantum of the Seas. The Minerva’s visit on the 22nd of January will mark the first cruise ship call of the year at the port - a harbinger of many good things to come in the months ahead! In its two-track effort to promote international cruise ship and ferry passenger businesses, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) has placed special emphasis on developing Taiwan’s international commercial ports as cruise ship home ports as a strategy to fuel growth in the domestic cruise sector. Additionally, TIPC looks forward to working with the new Keelung City administration to attract more tourists to the city and to make Keelung a vibrant center for the cruise vacation industry. 

The Port of Keelung is Taiwan’s largest cruise ship port. The 9% growth in passenger volume expected this year continues the port’s steady development of cruise business opportunities. Taipei Port located nearby has also seen a strong rise in demand in cross-Strait passenger traffic. In terms of both passenger and vessel transit numbers, the Taipei - Pingtan Cross-Strait Passenger Ferry Route has enjoyed annual growth rates in excess of 50%.
The Port of Keelung has gradually come into its own as a bona fide cruise ship home port since cruise ships began using it as an irregular home port in 2012. The Sapphire Princess, Voyager of the Seas, and Costa Atlantica will together make a total of 18 homeport calls to Keelung during 2015 and take some 92,500 Taiwanese passengers on international cruise vacations. The homeport operations of Star Cruise Lines at Keelung will make 87 voyages this year and take an additional 243,600 passengers on international cruise vacations.
TIPC is already working closely with Keelung City authorities to foster opportunities in and around the port to attract international cruise tourists and to build local culture-creative and in-depth tourism infrastructures. It is hoped that stronger integration of port and city resources will make Keelung City even more attractive as a cruise ship destination.
To learn more about the Port of Keelung and about cruise ship business at the port, please “like” the Port of Keelung Visitor Services Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/KeelungPortServices to access the latest news and information!
Provided by Stevedoring & Warehousing Section, Port of Keelung, TIPC     
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