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Anping Port’s Tourism Star on the Rise
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    2016-08-16 ~ 2017-09-16
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To promote the prosperity of both Anping Port and the Greater Tainan area, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) has been working on multiple levels to further develop the potential for tourism at Anping Port, to foster mutually beneficial ties with local industries, and to expand local employment opportunities. The “Preliminary Meeting on Developing the Anping Yacht Pier and Large-scale Retail Complex”, sponsored jointly by TIPC and the Tainan City Government, will commence at 9:30am on August 18th, 2016 (Thu) in the 3FL Cheng Kung Room of the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Tainan. A broad spectrum of representatives from the private sector, government, and academia as well as officials from the boroughs surrounding Anping Port have been invited to discuss how to best proceed with realizing the port’s full potential for tourism and recreation.

Anping Port is designated as an international bulk cargo port, with significant sections reserved for tourism and water-recreation functions. As an important potential engine of growth and prosperity for the Greater Tainan area, port administrators have focused on developing a new Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in the southern half of Anping Port and tourism / recreation facilities in the northern half. TIPC hopes that the distinct character and advantages of both sections will provide solid and sustained forward momentum.

Several private-sector firms have already made inquiries regarding the potential for developing the port’s Yacht Pier and for creating a large-scale retail complex spanning the Phase-5 Development and Sankunshen Districts and adjacent commercial land. In order to ensure that developments at Anping Port fit with the best interests of Tainan City, TIPC has called the abovementioned preliminary meeting to canvass the opinions and ideas of all interested parties.

Contact:Anping Port Branch Office, Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC

             Mr. Yung-mao Lee

Tel: 886-6-265-3014 / 886-928-349-089


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