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Gender mainstreaming

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The fourth United Nations’ World Conference on Women in 1995 officially made “gender mainstreaming” the global strategy of reaching gender equality. In order to promote women’s rights and gender equality policies, our country established Women's Rights Promotion Committee, Executive Yuan in 1997, and embarked actively on gender mainstreaming work in 4-year phases since 2005 with the aid of six primary promotion tools, Gender Statistics, Gender Budget, Gender Impact Assessment, Gender Analysis, Gender Awareness Training, and Gender Equality Task Force. Furthermore, Department of Gender Equality, Executive Yuan was set up in 2012, starting to review and advance on various tools and mechanisms of gender mainstreaming step by step. Through the joint effort of central and local governments, it is expected that the performance of gender mainstreaming implementation would be enhanced, laying a good foundation of the development of gender equality of our country.
Last updated:2021-10-13
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