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Geographical Location

Taiwan Ports

The main offices of TIPC are located at the Port of Kaohsiung at:

10 Penglai Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

The seven international ports that TIPC administers are located at the following coordinates:

1)       Port of Keelung: in northern Taiwan at 121°44'23"E and 25°9'27"N

2)       Port of Taichung: in west northern-central Taiwan at 120°31'1"E and 24°17'24"N

3)       Port of Kaohsiung: in southwestern Taiwan. The port's two entrances are located, respectively, at 120°15'25"E and 22°37'1"N and at 120°18'26"E and 22°33'21"N

4)       Port of Hualien: in eastern Taiwan at 121°37'35"E and 23°59'11"N

5)       Taipei Port: in northern Taiwan at 121°21'29"E and 25°9'49"N

6)       Suao Port: in northeastern Taiwan (Yilan County) at 121°52'24"E and 24°35'46"N

7)       Anping Port: in southwestern Taiwan (Tainan City) at 120°9'54"E and 22°58'9"N

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