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Taiwan Greening the Ports Action Plan

 In response to the international trend of green port and eco port transition, Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) has already devised and launched its “Taiwan Greening the Ports Action Plan”. The action plan covers all seven of TIPC’s international commercial ports (Keelung, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hualien, Taipei, Suao and Anping) as a single, integrated business cluster and through devising short, mid and long term green port strategies, aiming to realize the concept of a green port cluster.
“Taiwan Greening the Ports Action Plan” aims to improve port environment quality and hopes to elevate the quality of passenger cruise experience and the efficiency of cargo operation through the measures within the action plan and in the long term intends to stimulate and promote local city development via optimal port environment and surrounding infrastructures.
Reflective to the goals aforementioned, the “Taiwan Greening the Ports Action Plan” consists of four main aspects: Cargo Operation, Cruise Terminal, Community Outreach and Port Environment. The subdivision of each aspect and the benefits arising from this action plan is illustrated below:
 Four aspects and the main benefits of the action plan
Caption: The subdivisions for the Cruise Terminal aspect are Cruise Ship and Passenger Terminal. The subdivisions for the Cargo Operation aspect are Shipping, Facilities and Land Transportation. The subdivisions for the Port Environment aspect are Environmental Quality and Sustainable Operation. Lastly, for the Community Outreach aspect, the subdivisions include Land-water interface and Integration with Local Development Policies. Through improvements in these four aspects, the “Taiwan Greening the Ports Action Plan” hopes to successfully transform Taiwanese commercial ports into green ports. Via this transformation, the port environment is improved, assisting cruise business development and provides better living quality for neighboring communities. Also through upgrading port facilities and equipments, the operating efficiency and be increased along with the benefits of reducing pollution. Declaring Taiwan’s green port policy would also elevate Taiwanese ports’ international image and reputation. This transformation process is sought to generate green economy, which is increasing Taiwanese port’s competitiveness through perusing sustainable practices.
The goals for each aspect of the “Taiwan Greening the Ports Action Plan” are shown below:
  The action plan's goals in four aspects
Aspects Goals
Cruise Terminal
- Mitigate environmental impacts caused by cruise (such as waste water and other wastes generated by
Establish tourist centers that comply with Taiwan’s green
building standards (EEWH)
Cargo Operation
- Reduce environmental pollution related to cargo operation on both land and water (such as air and noise pollution)
- Promote equipment upgrades to more efficient and/or electric models
- Develop recreational waterfront area
- Integrate port development with community development policies
Port Environment
- Enhance port environment, including better air, and water quality and more green space
- Establish TIPC’s image as a company which operates in a sustainable manner in environmental, social and business aspects.
Through solid implementation of the “Taiwan Greening the Ports Action Plan” in all seven ports, TIPC hopes to successfully establish Taiwanese ports’ reputation and capability as green ports to boost their international exposure and competitiveness. Through transformation into green ports, TIPC hopes to successfully establish a green economy which enables increased profitability while pursuing social and environment sustainability.
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