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Environmental Policy

"Leverage innovation effectively to connect and communicate with global trade flows. Mature into a world-class port management group” is the vision of Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC). TIPC manages and operates commercial ports in Taiwan and is engaged in maritime transport related services, free trade zones, and the development of relevant tourism and recreational projects.
While TIPC pursues business growth, we are well-aware of the importance of our social responsibility, which is to ensure both environmental and economic sustainability. With the goal to establish green and sustainable ports, we will proactively identify environmental risks that may be associated with our activities and manage the risks accordingly to minimize the environmental impacts.

We commit to:
1. Implement and follow through with the Green Port Programme to establish extraordinary world-class ports;
2. Comply with applicable environmental regulations to fulfill corporate environmental responsibility;
3. Execute pollution prevention, monitoring, and control mechanism to enhance environmental quality in and around port areas;
4. Reinforce environmental education to cultivate environmental awareness among employees; and
5. Strengthen the communication with local communities, and pursue sustainable development for both the ports and the cities where we are operating.
TIPC Environmental Policy(410K/PDF)


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