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  1. Shipping Logistics:

TIPC provides business and warehouse facilities for global and regional container shipping firms. We further provide facilities and infrastructure that supply the national demand for energy, metals, and petroleum products. Moreover, as part of TIPC's national import / export / logistics network, each TIPC port handles and distributes commodities that fit with that port's business capabilities and existing port infrastructure as well as with regional economic needs.

  1. Vessel Services:

To meet the needs of the various vessels that call at our ports, TIPC regularly updates and upgrades its wharf and port facilities / infrastructures. We offer comprehensive fueling and water services as well as shipyards / slipways for vessel maintenance and repair.

  1. Free Trade Zone Operations:

The location of TIPC ports astride East Asia's busiest shipping lanes coupled with Taiwan's strong industrial base and supportive government policies have led TIPC to develop and promote Free Trade Zones (FTZs) within its jurisdictions. Integrated into the industrial supply chain, TIPC FTZs offer an exceptional environment for value-added operations and create new niches for business growth.

  1. Cruise Tourism, Ferry, and Port Recreation Services:

Strong growth in direct Taiwan-China ferry traffic, the increasing popularity of Taiwan as an international cruise destination, and the rejuvenation of the domestic cruise industry have led TIPC to upgrade and expand its passenger-handling infrastructures. New facilities and services are helping visitors make the most of their time at the port and expedite passengers through necessary arrival / departure procedures. Moreover, new water recreation areas are being developed and expanded at TIPC ports, stimulating new tourism-related business opportunities in cooperation with local governments.

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