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Clear Sailing Ahead! Port of Kaohsiung Cruise Home Port Efforts Showing Results
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    2017-06-16 ~ 2018-07-16
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Ongoing efforts by the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) to develop Taiwan’s international commercial ports as home ports for international cruise lines have created conditions for sustained, strong growth in the cruise industry at the Port of Kaohsiung. The port already has 88 cruise ship calls booked for the current calendar year. Of these, 46 (52.27%) are Port of Kaohsiung home port calls, underscoring the success of that port’s home port development efforts. An estimated 127,000 cruise passengers are expected to visit the Port of Kaohsiung this year (2017), injecting significant new value into Kaohsiung’s tourist economy.


This year, Star Cruises’ Virgo inaugurated a “3 home port” cruise itinerary, traveling between its three regional home ports of Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, and Manila. Also, Taiwan’s International Cruise Council recently held the 2017 Cruise Forum at Sea, which integrated presentations and discussions on theory and practice onboard the Virgo as it sailed from Kaohsiung to Keelung, giving participants hands on cruise-travel experience. Additionally, Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess this year inaugurated five new home port routes, giving residents of southern Taiwan a range of exciting new opportunities to take cruise vacations.


Star Cruises opened its Virgo cruise ship to the public four times between March and May of this year, showcasing its many travel and leisure facilities and offering the residents of southern Taiwan the chance to better understand the enticements of international cruise travel. These public showings, led by experienced guides equipped to give comprehensive tours of onboard facilities and amenities, attracted over 10,000 visitors.


TIPC is committed to promoting and developing the Port of Kaohsiung as a full-service home port. The first half of 2017, led by Star Cruises’ Virgo, saw the port welcome over 70,000 cruise ship passengers. It is highly anticipated that Princess’ Sapphire Princess will lead the way to another record-breaking year for the port with its Port of Kaohsiung home-port-based routes to Okinawa, Hong Kong, and Ha Long Bay.


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