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Improvements to the Keelung Harbor Building to Enhance Service Quality, Improve Port Image
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    2018-01-02 ~ 2019-02-02
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Passenger traffic through the Port of Keelung in 2017 is expected to top 830,000, breaking all previous records. The Keelung Harbor Building, built in 1969, is set for its first major renovation in nearly half a century of service in order to handle the rising number of large cruise ships.
The increase in size of modern cruise ships and in passenger volumes led the Port of Keelung in December 2017 to allocate funds for the renovation of offices located behind the Keelung Harbor Building into a new 2,500m2 baggage handling area. Work, including repair work to floors, ceiling and wall paint work, the installation of new lighting, and general environmental improvements, is expected to be finished at the end of January 2018. The new facility will increase the port’s baggage handling capacity and enhance quality of service for arriving and departing passengers.

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