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The Port of Kaohsiung “Intercontinental Container Terminal (ICT) Project Phase 2: Shoreline Reinforcement, Earthworks, and Workboat Basin Dock Construction Work” Honored at 16th Public Construction Golden Quality Awards
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    2016-11-11 ~ 2017-12-11
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The “Intercontinental Container Terminal (ICT) Project Phase 2: Shoreline Reinforcement, Earthworks, and Workboat Basin Dock Construction Work”, implemented by the Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC, was recognized with an exceptional achievement award at the 16th Public Construction Golden Quality Awards.

In an official statement, the TIPC noted that this was the first Golden Quality Award for the company. TIPC’s world-class team and quality-assurance systems are focused on ensuring that Taiwan’s ports meet the needs of increasingly large container ships as well as the growing cargo-handling needs of shipping clients, with the ultimate goal of building Taiwan into a major container transshipment hub. Providing fast, efficient and comprehensive service to shipping companies worldwide has earned the confidence of the international shipping industry and raised the Port of Kaohsiung’s global competitiveness and profile within the global shipping sector.

In creating and enhancing the port’s container transshipment infrastructure under ICT Phase 2, one key element of work is to shift the functions of older wharves to temporary wharf facilities in order to make way for necessary upgrade and new-construction work.

The ICT Project Phase 2: Shoreline Reinforcement, Earthworks, and Workboat Basin Dock Construction Work is the second ICT Project public bid. The first bid focuses on constructing the sea and wave walls necessary to commence construction on 10 new deep-water petrochemical wharves, relocate current petrochemical storage tanks, and develop a petrochemical logistics terminal in support of continued and sustainable petrochemical industry growth. The first bid also constructed four deep-water bulk cargo wharves that facilitated the relocation of bulk cargo operations in Zhongdao District, improved overall operational efficiencies, promoted port and urban renewal efforts, and infused additional diversity into Kaohsiung City’s “port city” program.

The TIPC noted that the strong effort of the entire TIPC team, the exceptional design capabilities of CECI Engineering Consultants, and the high-quality work of Hung Hwa Construction overcame construction-site and weather-related problems to build and operate a land-based facility that is able to concurrently build four 21.5m high, 7,000mt deep-sea caissons. Each caisson, the largest ever made in Taiwan, weighs as much as 2.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Once finished, caissons travel efficiently and safely by rail to a transfer station at the water’s edge. All teams and workstations are interchangeable, delivering consistently excellent quality and a level of efficiency that has put caisson production ahead of schedule. This is the first example of a land-based / sea-transfer caisson production system in Taiwan. The facility has already produced 175 of the super-sized caissons, which have been successfully installed at the target site 3,563m offshore. Unlike the traditional sea-based process, the land-based caisson fabrication process is not affected by tidal or wave conditions. Furthermore, after installation, caissons attract sea life and offer shelter for fish, making this process both safe and ecologically feasible.

This project successfully resolves the difficulties of doing construction work in semi-open waters. Wave-resistant caissons are built on land, which avoids the common problem of working on water during inclement weather. Moreover, wave-dissipation chambers on the ocean side of these caissons reduce the impact of wake waves and greatly reduce construction costs. Additionally, animation modeling was used to track the process of construction from beginning to end in order to fully explain / illustrate the process and to further enhance the level of marine construction in Taiwan, highlighting this as a successful on-time, on-quality example of major public construction.

Contact : Port of Kaohsiung    Chih-wen Cheng  

 886-7-5622476   T02615@twport.com.tw

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