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Port of Kaohsiung Cruise Ship Wharf Installs New Mobile, Adjustable Passenger Bridge, Significantly Enhancing Passenger Service Capabilities
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    2017-07-11 ~ 2018-08-10
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To enhance the comfort and enjoyment of cruise ship travel, the Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC continues to upgrade and expand its passenger service facilities. The port has recently introduced a new mobile and adjustable passenger bridge to facilitate passenger embarkation and disembarkation from today’s super-sized cruise ships. This bridge was most recently used during the visit of Star Cruises’ SuperStar Virgo. The angle of the bridge is adjustable to a maximum of 1:12 (about 4.5 degrees) and the surface is coated with a layer of non-slip, silicon-carbide that is suited for older passengers and reduces the difficulties often faced by passengers carrying heavier pieces of luggage. Furthermore, the extra-wide design of the bridge facilitates access for passengers in wheelchairs. This all-purpose bridge is already highly popular with cruise lines, international cruise passengers, and shipping agents alike.

The new passenger bridge measures 10m in height, 31m in length, and 8m in width (extendable to the ship’s embarkation hatch), weighs 45 metric tons, and has three levels. The structure can move up and down to match the different heights of cruise ship hatches to a maximum height of 8 meters. The bridge was built at a total cost of NT$18 million. The Port of Kaohsiung notes that the increasing sizes of new cruise ships, coupled with the differences in design specifications, have resulted in different elevations for cruise-ship embarkation hatches, with heights now often rising above 6 meters. Reducing the angle of slope for these bridges and replacing stairs with a flat, non-slip surface can significantly improve access to and from ships for elderly passengers and those with heavy luggage.

In addition, the Port of Kaohsiung has recently completed an air-conditioned, enclosed corridor linking the cruise-ship wharf to the International Travel Center. The corridor, which keeps international cruise passengers in comfort and safe from the elements, is lined with photographs of Kaohsiung City sites and historical photographs of the port for the enjoyment of port visitors. Port administrators note that when the new Port of Kaohsiung Port and Cruise Service Center is completed, it will be connected by a pair of suspension bridges that lead directly to cruise ship embarkation hatches and to the passenger corridor in order to bring further service and convenience to cruise ship passengers.

Contact : Public Affairs Office, TIPC /  Richard Lin, Supervisor /  Richard.lin@twport.com.tw

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