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Taipei Port-Pingtan Ferry Route: An Attractive New Choice for Travel Across the Taiwan Strait
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    2018-01-02 ~ 2019-02-01
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TIPC’s Taipei Port – Pingtan (Fuzhou) ferry route offers an attractive and increasingly popular way to transit across the Taiwan Strait. The number of passengers on this route this year, as of the end of November, has already exceeded the total for 2016.
Passenger travel between Taipei and Fuzhou has historically relied on air transportation. TIPC’s opening of the Taipei Port – Pingtan ferry route several years ago offers a regular weekly transit schedule aboard both the Haixiahao and Natchan Rera. A total of 75,541 passengers took this route this year (2017) between January and November. This exceeds the 71,410 passages taken during the entirety of 2016.
The Taipei-Pingtan route completes the 92 nautical miles in just three hours. Currently, the Haixiahao offers Friday and Saturday midday departures from Taipei Port and the Natchan Rera offers Tuesday and Wednesday morning departures from Taipei Port. With 4 departures every week, point-to-point travel is exceptionally flexible and convenient.
Taipei Port, a deep-water port located along the Taiwan Strait in northern Taiwan, sits adjacent to metropolitan Taipei and various major industrial parks and is a short 20min drive from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The port is exceptionally suited to the development of sea-air combined transport businesses. Convenient to Taiwan’s efficient inland transportation grid, the port is also a highly attractive springboard for northern Taiwan tourism, stimulating growth in the travel sector and the overall economy.

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