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Evergreen Marine Expands Port of Kaohsiung Operations with New Lease Agreement at the Port’s 7th Container Terminal
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    2018-12-14 ~ 2019-12-14
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Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) Chairman Chung-rung Wu and Evergreen Marine Corp. Chairman Anchor Chang signed on behalf of their respective companies a new lease agreement for container wharves S1~S5 in Port of Kaohsiung’s 7th Container Terminal on December 11th. This new lease agreement bolsters Evergreen Marine’s long-term commitment to developing the Port of Kaohsiung as its key transshipment center in East Asia while raising its overall investment in the global shipping market.

A total of NT$42 billion in public and private funds have been invested in developing the new 7th Container Terminal. The completed terminal will provide 2,415m in new -18m berthing space, capable of servicing up to five 220TEU ultra-large container vessels at a time. The handling capacity of the terminal will top 4 million TEU per year, aided by the wharves’ automated handling systems. Future plans call for the installation of additional state-of-the-art facilities at the wharves and adjacent yards, which will increase handling capacities even further and give the Port of Kaohsiung an even stronger position as a strategic hub for container transshipments.

Evergreen Marine first began container wharf operations at the Port of Kaohsiung in 1986, and today operates a total of 6 wharves (Nos. 79~81 and Nos. 115~117). The more than 3.6 million TEU handled by the company in 2017 accounted for 35% of the port’s total handled container volume for the year, underscoring Evergreen Marine’s position as Kaohsiung’s largest container shipping client. Evergreen Marine Corp., one of the world’s largest container shipping companies, is steadily pursuing an older-vessel retirement program and is adding advanced new ultra-large container vessels (ULCVs) to its fleet that will keep it at the fore of shipping market trends. Evergreen’s new 20,000TEU-class ULCVs are already conducting homeport operations from the Port of Kaohsiung, and the new wharves at the 7th Container Terminal are exceptionally well positioned to carry the company forward into the future.

In the recent global restructuring of the shipping industry, Evergreen Marine joined the new Ocean Alliance with France’s CMA CGM and China’s COSCO to expand its scope and operating efficiencies. TIPC looks forward to Evergreen’s new lease at the 7th Container Terminal drawing in rising numbers of ULCV calls, further strengthening both the Ocean Alliance and Port of Kaohsiung’s competitiveness, and attracting new routes and transshipment business to the port.

Provided by:Port Business Division, Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC
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