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New Sea Freight Express Cargo Facility at Port of Kaohsiung Set to Boost Customs Clearance Convenience
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    2019-11-15 ~ 2020-11-15
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Working to achieve national sea freight express cargo policy objectives and to serve the needs of southern Taiwan’s e-commerce consumer market, the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) is pursuing plans to open a dedicated facility for sea freight express cargo-related business operations and warehouse facilities in Port of Kaohsiung’s Qianzhen District. The facility will operate as a center of customs clearance, warehousing, and distribution for sea freight express cargo at the Port of Kaohsiung.

A spokesperson for the Port of Kaohsiung announced that, once finished, the new sea-freight express cargo facility, in addition to streamlining customs clearance procedures, will provide the following advantages:

1) Cut transit time and costs for express cargo shipments between Taiwan and Mainland China, which will help Taiwan companies expand linkages with offshore business partners and deliver products to international buyers faster.

2) Reroute Mainland China air-sea cargoes to Taiwan for shipment by air to markets in Europe and the Americas, spurring the further growth of Taiwan’s air and sea freight sectors.

3) Rapid customs clearance is expected to increase interest among e-commerce operators to set up distribution, warehousing, and/or logistics operations in Taiwan, spurring domestic job growth and economic development.

The Port of Kaohsiung, the country’s largest international commercial port, is located at the intersection of the Taiwan Strait and Bashi Channel. The port offers wide navigation channels, ample portside land, and sea-network connections that link the port via more than 300 regular routes to 5 continents. Moreover, the port already operates a busy daily express-cargo schedule. The Qianzhen District warehouse area is located around the intersection of Xinsheng and Zhengang roads and in the vicinity of Wharf Nos. 63 and 64, which are under lease to Wan Hai Lines. The area links directly into the domestic transportation grid, with easy access via Xinsheng Overpass to National Freeways 1 & 3 and Expressway 88, reducing both freight shipping costs and delivery times.

The Port of Kaohsiung is currently in the process of constructing the new Qianzhen Air/Sea Freight Express Cargo Facility. Once completed, facilities will be leased out to business operations in a public bid process. Successful bidders may register with Kaohsiung Customs as a warehouse / sea freight express cargo business in accordance with the Regulations Governing Customs Clearance Procedures for Maritime Express Consignments. The public bidding process is currently underway so that the successful bidders may begin operations as soon as facilities are finished. Interested companies are encouraged to take advantage of this new business opportunity.




Provided by:Stevedoring & Warehousing Dept., Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC
Contact Person:Sheng-chien Chiang, Senior Supervisor
Telephone No.:07-5622900
E-mail Address:T03489@twport.com.tw

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