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CPC Corporation Set to Expand Port of Taichung LNG Receiving Station
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    2020-09-18 ~ 2021-09-18
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The Port of Taichung, TIPC on August 24th (2020) signed an agreement with CPC Corporation for the long-term lease of land adjacent to the port's West Wharf Nos. 11 and 12. The land will be used to expand CPC's liquid natural gas (LNG) receiving, storage, and re-gasification capabilities at the port. Work on new station infrastructure is expected to begin soon.

Port of Taichung President Sean Lu remarked that CPC's lease of approximately 20ha of land adjacent to West Wharf Nos. 11 and 12 reflects strong growth in domestic demand for LNG as well as Taiwan International Port Corporation (TIPC)'s proactive support of national efforts to create a nuclear-free energy grid while reducing overall carbon emissions. CPC plans to reconfigure West Wharf No. 12 as an LNG receiving terminal. The company will also construct two 180,000m3 LNG storage tanks and a 1,600mt/hr gasification facility. The new station facilities will significantly enhance CPC's LNG receiving, storage, and gasification capabilities at the port and help the company better meet LNG market demand in central and northern Taiwan. The Port of Taichung will continue working closely with CPC to facilitate station construction work and operations as a key part of overall government-led energy transformation efforts.

A statement by CPC noted that the company's expansion of its LNG receiving station facility at the Port of Taichung is one of many major investment projects that it is pursuing in support of government energy transformation policies. Planning and construction work, the statement continued, was scheduled to begin soon after contract documents had been signed, with the new receiving terminal slated to begin operations in late 2022, the gasification plant slated to begin operations in late 2024, and the two new storage tanks slated to be completed in late 2026. This expansion project will increase LNG receiving station capacity to 10 million metric tons / year, adding significantly to CPC's overall LNG supply capabilities. CPC is currently the only domestic supplier of LNG and thus responsible for ensuring LNG supply stability as well as for meeting the government goal of LNG providing 50% of national electricity generation by 2025.


Provided by:Port Business Department, Port of Taichung, TIPC
Contact Person:Che-wei Hsu
Telephone No.:04-2664-2150
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