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Anping Port’s ‘Twin-Engine’ Strategy of Tourism and Free Trade Blazes a New Trail for Coastal Tourism and Industry in the Greater Tainan Area
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    2018-10-16 ~ 2019-10-16
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As sanctioned under the Executive Yuan-approved document “Overall Planning: 2017 – 2021”, Anping Port is moving confidently forward with its ‘twin-engine’ strategy, focusing on developing tourism in its northern district and Free Trade Zone (FTZ) opportunities in its southern district. The fulfilment of this strategy will give Anping Port a new image and set it distinctly apart from Taiwan’s other commercial ports. The tourism strategy includes the five-phase development of a tourism and recreation commercial zone, which will not only create Taiwan’s first international-class pleasure yacht marina but will also serve as the centerpiece in Tainan City’s historic seacoast district. The revenue-generating potential of the zone has been estimated to be at least NT$10 billion. The FTZ strategy will recruit new business for the industrial zone wharves and FTZ-exclusive warehouses, new container freight station, and the new green energy industrial park in the Sikunshen Logistics District. Sea expediting, free-trade warehousing and transshipment, value-added processing, and container freight station services will plug companies throughout the greater Tainan area into a comprehensive, competitive-boosting suite of ocean shipping and logistics services.

According to the Port of Anping Branch Office, the tourism and recreation zone will be phased in over time. Zone A of the pleasure yacht marina, covering 12.74ha (9.74ha land and 3.0ha water) is being developed jointly by Argo Conglomerate and Singapore’s Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts group. Ground was broken on the project in April of this year (2018), with work expected to finish in 2023, when the finished resort is expected to create 1,500 new jobs and over NT$5 billion in returns from land development.

The overall plan for the Zone B of the marina, covering 16.27ha (13.44ha land and 2.83ha water), includes tourist hotels, a retirement community, hotels, an outlet mall, a retail mall, a shopping emporium, retail shops, restaurants and eateries, and marina pier facilities that will be available for third-party businesses to occupy and run. The port authority looks forward to international commercial groups to invest and manage properties within the zone. A formal request for bid should be issued later this year (2018), with contracts expected to be signed in early 2019 that should draw in some NT$5 billion in private investment and generate around 2,200 new jobs.

The FTZ embraces an area encompassing Anping Port Wharves 8 and 9 as well as contiguous interior land. Public bidding proceedings are expected to wrap up by the end of October. The initial phase of development will designate purpose-built logistics warehouses and related facilities for FTZ business activities and subsequently establish a container freight station. Investments in the project should top NT$1 billion. Once completed, the new infrastructure will give the port the critical container handling facilities necessary to provide regular and stable services to container shipping lines. In addition, the Sikunshen Logistics District will be developed over a square plot of land measuring 10ha in total size. Current plans focus on the recruitment of companies in the green-energy sector and the pursuit of sustainable environmental and energy saving / carbon reducing operations. The Sikunshen Logistics District will be developed over three phases (A, B, and C), each covering distinct areas within the district. Development of the district is expected to attract NT$6 billion in new investment. In addition to bringing in electric car and fuel cell R&D and manufacturing capabilities, the district will look to entice related smart / green manufacturers and advanced-technology owners. Furthermore, in line with government ‘green technology’ development policies, the port will link up with industry-academia partnership organizations in Tainan’s Shalun Green Energy Science City to further promote Greater Tainan as a vital new center of sustainable green-energy and low-carbon technology development.

The Anping Port Branch Office sees its port and facilities as comprising a nimble, service-oriented business with exciting plans for the years to come. In the realm of tourism, the staged development of the port’s pleasure yacht marina, Sankunshen Tourism Business District, and Crescent Bay on Yuguang Island will create an exceptional coastal recreation area that is seamlessly tied into the vibe of Greater Tainan and will become a magnet for city residents and domestic and international tourists alike. In the realm of cargo services, the construction of FTZ warehouse, bonded warehouse, and container freight station facilities will assist Anping Port to largely realize its shipping service goals. In the future, stable growth, underpinned by regular shipping route services, will ensure competitive, convenient, and cost-effective transportation options for businesses across the Greater Tainan area, helping boost their competitiveness and visibility in the global marketplace.

Provided by:Anping Branch Office, Port of Kaohsiung, TIPC
Contact Person:Chan-jung Chang, Senior Manager
Telephone No.:06-2613875
E-mail Address:T02035@twport.com.tw

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