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Shao-Liang Chen Takes the Reins as TIPC President
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    2019-06-17 ~ 2020-06-17
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Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) held a ceremony today (6/17) to formally welcome its new chief executive. Shao-liang Chen replaces former TIPC President Tien-Kuei Kuo, who was recently appointed Director-General of MOTC’s Maritime and Port Bureau. Current TIPC President Shao-liang Chen most recently served as TIPC Executive Vice President.

TIPC President Chen is currently 58 years old and holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from National Dong Hwa University. His resume of executive experience includes prior service as Chief Secretary and Deputy Director-General of Hualien Harbor Bureau, President of TIPC’s Port of Kaohsiung subsidiary, and TIPC’s Vice President of Business and Executive Vice President. Chen brings to his new position a strong, 35-year foundation of port management experience that he has accumulated since taking his first job with the Hualien Harbor Bureau in 1985. He has extensive professional knowledge and practical experience, has served with distinction in all of his previous Harbor Bureau and TIPC positions, and is a proven, effective leader.

TIPC President Chen remarked that his immediate priorities after taking office will be to lead the continued growth and development of Taiwan’s premier port authority and to further increase the global competitiveness of Taiwan’s shipping and port sector. In pursuing TIPC’s three operational goals of “Teamwork, Constructive Innovation, and Sustained Growth”, Chen will continue TIPC’s focuses on developing core businesses; maintaining and expanding cooperation with shippers, harbor service providers, and local government authorities; and exploring and developing new and lucrative areas of business activity. Furthermore, he is a strong advocate for introducing innovative AI-based technologies that will further improve cargo handling efficiencies and safety at TIPC ports and help boost TIPC’s international profile and business competitiveness. Finally, in addition to striking an equitable balance between industrial development and environmental conservation, President Chen will step up TIPC’s efforts to retain and transmit legacy knowledge and skills and to train up new talent in order to systematically promote stable, long-term growth and navigate Taiwan’s shipping and port sector confidently forward into the future.




Provided by:Human Resources Department, TIPC
Contact Person:Jen-lung Chen
Telephone No.:07-2136959
E-mail Address:p08877@twport.com.tw

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