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MOTC Deputy Minister Yu-Lin Huang Appointed as Acting Chairman of TIPC
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    2019-10-09 ~ 2020-10-09
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Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) convened a special meeting of the Board of Directors on October 8, 2019, appointing MOTC Political Deputy Minister Yu-lin Huang as TIPC Acting Chairman and confirming Shao-liang Chen’s continued service as TIPC President.

Acting Chairman Huang is 56 years old and holds a doctorate in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. His extensive resume of experience includes work as an Associate Professor, Chief Secretary, and Professor in National Chiao Tung University’s Civil Engineering Department; Director of the Taichung City Government’s Construction Bureau; and Political Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). Acting Chairman Huang brings a strong suite of knowledge, experience, and leadership and management skills to his new position with TIPC.

In a public statement, TIPC’s new Acting Chairman announced that he will emphasize efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in port business development strategies and concentrate his efforts on raising service quality and operating efficiencies at each of TIPC’s subsidiary port organizations. Furthermore, he will lead his TIPC colleagues in ensuring and securing the safety of port operational environments by conducting a comprehensive audit of work and safety facilities in order to make TIPC port environments safer in support of sustained shipping sector growth into the future.



Provided by:Human Resources Department, TIPC
Contact Person:Jen-lung Chen
Telephone No.:07-2136959
E-mail Address:p08877@twport.com.tw

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