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TIPC Scholarship and Employment Program Fast Tracks Students to Solid Employment Opportunities in Port Administration and Management
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    2019-12-25 ~ 2020-12-25
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Internship experience, scholarship support, and career opportunity all wrapped into one! The Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) is proud to announce the launch of its 2020 scholarship and employment program. The program welcomes university students in their junior year of university to take the first step toward a rewarding career with a starting salary of NT$500,000.

The scholarship and employment program offers summer internship opportunities at its subsidiary ports to junior-year students in four categories: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering, and administration & services. Interns receive NT$47,000 in compensation and an academic scholarship worth up to NT$80,000. Furthermore, student interns who qualify are formally invited to join TIPC after graduation.

An official statement from the TIPC notes that the work of port administration is tied closely to everyday life. International trade and cruise travel are key elements in the multifaceted work of TIPC, and the need to expand and deepen Taiwan’s maritime ties with the world requires the infusion into the TIPC organization of new talent with a diverse range of expertise. It is hoped that the TIPC program will help familiarize students with the port work environment, develop core professional skills, and inject new blood into Taiwan’s international port operations.

TIPC Human Resources Department Acting Senior Director Ming-shan Hung remarked that TIPC is both investing in human capital development and working hard to create an exceptional employment environment. Sympathetic to the difficulties faced in finding a good first job, and hoping to encourage the best students to apply, the TIPC has made the program simple and easy to apply for, announced a clear timetable, and opened a rare door for third-year university students to work at a respected public corporation. All interested candidates are encouraged to submit their TIPC 2020 scholarship and employment program application for consideration.

Summary and full-text versions of this program may be accessed online via the TIPC homepage (http://www.twport.com.tw/). Details regarding registration and selection procedures are currently planned to be announced in January 2020.

TIPC 2020 Scholarship & Employment Program
junior (3rd-year) students enrolled at a domestic university
junior-year conduct/behavior score: 80 or higher
junior-year academic record: 75 or higher (or top 30% of class)
internship compensation: NT$47,000
academic scholarship: up to NT$80,000
post-graduation job offer: NT$500,000 (starting salary, annual)
Qualification testing (by student category)
1. General (admin & services):
official document and essay writing
Electrical Engineering: basic EE knowledge/skills (multiple choice)
Mechanical Engineering: machine building (multiple choice)
Engineering: engineering mathematics (multiple choice)
General: English and logic (multiple choice)

Provided by:Human Resources Department, TIPC
Contact Person:Jen-lung Chen, Acting Manager
Telephone No.: 07-213-6959
E-mail Address:p08877@twport.com.tw


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