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Wharf Inspection and Reinforcement Project Enhances Port of Hualien Safety and Operational Effectiveness
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    2021-10-08 ~ 2021-11-08
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The East Coast of Taiwan, straddling an active tectonic zone, experiences regular earthquakes that, over time, can weaken and damage the physical infrastructure at Port of Hualien. To protect the safety of companies doing business at the port, shipping companies, port businesses, and visiting cruise passengers and to improve the overall operating environment, Port of Hualien regularly monitors and maintains port wharves and protective seawalls.

In line with recommendations made under the 2020 Port of Hualien Wharf Assessment and Repair Recommendations, the port budgeted NT$1.5 million to conduct a comprehensive assessment of Wharf Nos. 17 - 25 in the outer harbor area. Related inspections commenced on October 15th, 2020. The final report issued on June 1st of this year (2021) confirmed that all wharves currently meet required standards. More recently, the 2021 Technical Assessment of Wharves and Seawalls at Port of Hualien project, budgeted at NT$9,563,781, was launched. This project, focused on related inspection work targeting Wharf Nos. 1 - 16 in the inner harbor as well as east and west seawall structures, commenced on March 5th, 2021, with work scheduled for completion by the end of October.

To facilitate regular maintenance activities, the abovementioned projects pinpointed the locations of the targeted wharves and seawalls using the Port of Hualien's current GPS system, specifying the coordinates of operational lights, wharf fenders, bollards, caissons, and other designated facilities. In addition, TWD97 and TWVD2001 systems were employed to comply with port search and inspection requirements regarding infrastructure damage status inquiries and maintenance arrangements. Furthermore, load bearing capacities for cargo storage and vehicle access areas as well as maximum load capacity limits have been designated for all wharves to ensure long-term operational safety.

Provided by: Construction Management and Engineering Department, Port of Hualien, TIPC
Contact Person:Ching-sheng Cheng, Supervisor
Telephone No.:03-8325131#2462
E-mail Address:cscheng@twport.com.tw

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