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Port of Keelung Streamlines West Port Container Operations, Optimizes Container Handling and Yard Storage Capabilities
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    2021-10-08 ~ 2021-11-08
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As part of ongoing efforts to upgrade public port facilities and keep public storage yards operating at maximum efficiency, Port of Keelung, a subsidiary of Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC), began placing orders this year (2021) for new reach stackers and began resurfacing the pavement in storage yard areas adjacent to port wharves.

Port of Keelung's new reach stackers will further enhance container service capabilities at the port's container yards. Two have been budgeted this year, and the first, delivered in February, is already operating at the port's public container wharves. This reach stacker is capable of moving extra-long, extra-wide, and other non-standard-spec containers from dockside to container-yard storage as well as of shifting containers for required inspections. This highly functional, versatile stacker has been well received by shipping companies and cargo owners alike. The second unit, a 45-ton container reach stacker, is expected to be approved and put into service at the port by the end of September, after which it too will provide exceptional container handling services.

Resurfacing work at South Container Yard commenced during the first quarter of this year. This area will play a key role in efficiently responding to and handling the expected sharp post-pandemic uptick in container traffic. Yards B and C adjacent to West Wharf 18 provide a total 24,000 square meters of usable outdoor container storage space. After the completion of resurfacing and space allocation work, these yards will be available to meet not only the storage needs of the port's shipping customers but also the regular operational needs of container freight station operators in the area, significantly improving the overall effectiveness of South Container Yard operations.

Port of Keelung regularly improves facilities at its container wharves to optimize container vessel handling efficiencies and maximize equipment availability and yard occupancy rates.

While bolstering its container-wharf infrastructure, port officials are also streamlining procedures to further increase long-term competitiveness. In preparing for the expected post-pandemic influx of containerized cargoes, Port of Keelung will work with container wharf operators to distribute business strategically across container yards at the port during peak demand periods to maintain maximum handling capacities, meet container handling demand, and minimize the risk of port-congestion problems. Now more than ever, Port of Keelung is ready to do business!

Provided by:Stevedoring & Warehousing Dept., Port of Keelung, TIPC
Contact Person: Chih-syuan Chuo
Telephone No.:02-24206591
E-mail Address:juocs@twport.com.tw

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